Unreal Engine 4

June 8th 2012

Even though Sony and Microsoft did not announce their next generation consoles at E3 this year, Epic Games finally gave a public glimpse at what next generation games might look like. The Unreal Engine (currently in it’s 3rd iteration) is the driving technology behind scores of games spanning across multiple consoles, the PC/Mac and iOS. Many studios will use the latest version of the engine (whenever it is made available to developers) to power future games. The tech demo shown was quite impressive and sparks hope that Epic actually has a fantasy game in development.

Epic Games wasn’t the only company to show off some impressive technology as Square Enix also unveiled the Luminous Engine. This demo was also impressive but lacked the real-time walkthrough that was demoed by Alan Willard of Epic Games. At any rate, it was great to finally see some next-generation technology.